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Help Students with Online Learning
Posted on 08/03/2016

General support suggestions:

  • Make education a high family priority.This means making time for students to complete their schoolwork, take family outings to museums, watch documentaries and engage in good discussions.
  • Literacy is critical!Encourage reading a wide variety of books and magazines.Take advantage of libraries and the enrichment they offer.
  • Limit screen time outside of school.This includes watching television, phones, video games and surfing the web.
  • Support healthy habits:get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy foods, spend time outdoors and be active.
  • Encourage interesting hobbies to support a well-rounded individual.
  • Take advantage of dual-enrollment starting sophomore or junior year especially for college-bound students.

 Suggestions for succeeding with an online curriculum:


  • Discuss and track student progress on a daily basis.This includes monitoring the number of activities completed, hours worked, notes taken and difficulties encountered.
  • A tracking spreadsheet can be helpful to track weekly and daily progress.When students gets behind, it can be difficult to see immediately if the current week’s progress meets the expectation of 6% completion.
  • Motivational rewards can be helpful to encourage students to keep up with their work.You know your student best!
  • My mantra has always been “The more you do, the less I have to tell you what to do.”This attitude has encouraged independence in my kids.The ultimate goal is to support as needed rather than directing everything your student does.



Respectfully suggested for other SAMS parents by Pauline Keithley, SAMS mom since 2011 and SAMS Science Instructor since 2015. I’ve been there!