Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics and Science Academy Aviation Program

Aviation Program
SAMS Academy Aviation is a truly unique program offered right here in Albuquerque, NM.  With two training aircraft, two advanced aviation training devices (AATD), and an experienced, FAA certified staff, SAMS affords a tremendous pilot-focused training opportunity that is unlike any other program in the country—at no cost to the student.

SAMS Academy students are exposed to a culture of professionalism from day one.  According to our mission statement, we endeavor to:

  • Prepare SAMS Academy students for successful careers in the aviation industry;
  • Expose them to a disciplined, professional environment that requires commitment and adherence to standards of performance and behavior;
  • Offer an extraordinary opportunity to participate in an entry level flight training program

In the future, SAMS Academy will widen its vision to address other aviation fields, such as Air Traffic Control (ATC), Aviation Maintenance, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and more.

Yes, the future is flying high at SAMS.  Come visit us!

Director of Aviation,

Paul Burns