In this age of standardized testing, tightening of budgets from declining revenue sources, increasing student needs and external political pressures on schools, it is very easy to lose track of the main goal of public education: to ensure that our children have the knowledge and skills that are required to become successful adults. This school was designed to accomplish this goal. The design of this school is flexible enough to allow the teachers to implement a wide range of teaching strategies to meet the educational needs of the individual child, while meeting the accountability and performance expectations of the State and Federal educational reform efforts.

Expanding on Southwest Secondary Learning Center’s unique and innovative AERO (Aeronautical Education and Research Opportunities) AV8R program, the SAMS Academy offers broader aviation programming with more depth into the many facets of aviation. Using aviation as a conduit to high-tech post-secondary education and careers, the SAMS Academy offers its students a more comprehensive education in the various disciplines of engineering, aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineering, For example, mathematics and physics will be taught and emphasized, not just through engineering and science, but through the practical application of learning how to build and fly airplanes. Learning to solve problems and expanding critical-thinking are the transferrable skills high-tech employers need and we believe we can deliver with this stimulating and inspiring STEM education model.

The Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics, and Science Academy provides a student-centered; multi-age educational environment maintaining high academic and successful career oriented standards. At the foundation of the course of studies is a nationally recognized dynamic, comprehensive, interactive computer-based curriculum delivery system, creating a one-room school house for the 21st Century. Course offerings provide each student with an outcomes oriented individualized program tailored to meet each student’s individual needs. Students are required to complete a rigorous scope and sequence in all subjects, exercise strong written and verbal communication skills, utilize high tech tools, implement research skills and demonstrate academic skill mastery in each subject. Each student is measured for skill development and content understanding in each academic area. Student progression through the courses is self-directed. Mastery and demonstration of concept cognition, as well as content mastery is verified by end of course assessments. Course completion is not predicated on seat time.